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Grandis Home established in 2015, Name of Grandis comes from the scientific name of Jati “Tectona grandis” which at the beginning of this great journey focused on the art of teak wood. With the enthusiasm and development of the market, Nesya Anggi decided to fully commit that Grandis Home can always supplies amazing home decor art.

Grandis Home was passionately born  from the inspiration to create sustainable eco-friendly products made original by local artisans by utilizing natural fibers. With sisal, hemp rope, banana fronds, and teak wood we able to be productive with export quality. 

CV. Grandis Home offer wood and natural fiber based handmade products that are designed in such a way as to meet your needs. With our highly experienced craftsmen for a dozen years in creating artistic and high quality handmade products, we are ready to meet your special design request. We are ready to help fulfill your request with the specified time.

Our Mission Statement, “We make handicraft with respect for people and environment”

CV. Grandis Home believe in reliability, quality and good work as per our strengths. All our products are manufactured by following laid down procedures for quality according to international norms. We ensure flawless production and distribution of our products. The quality control checks done under professional personnel to make sure that the products meet all international standards.

The Local craftsmen are housewives. We try to help the local community to earn more income to improve the welfare of the community. Because our biggest motivation is the craftsman spirit.

Grandis home has a big story behind all of the original products. Our love for artistry, love the green environment, with growing spirit and exciting stories, we can create  masterpiece of home decoration feel comfortable with perfect home style. We hope with the originals products of grandis home  can calming the our mind. Happy life!

We Manufacture Sustainable Home Decor

As a manufacturer CV.Grandis Home makes it self in design, manufacture, and the sale of home decor items. We serve a wide range of clients from furniture stores, online home decor shops, interior design companies, and others industries. There are our capability on our product;

  • Supply ability 300 pcs/month
  • Every single product completely are homemade
  • Costumizable home decor items & OEM service

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