Grandis Home, Offers Bojonegoro Products to Australian Buyers – One of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Bojonegoro, Grandis Home from Kasiman Village/Sub-district, had the opportunity to offer its products to Australian buyers at the East Java Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), Monday (6 /6/2022).

The owner of CV Grandis Home, Nesya Anggi Puspita explained, on the opportunity of Business Matching Export Center Surabaya with ITPC (Indonesian Trade Promotion Center) Sidney Australia, she brought several home decor products, namely Mirror, Placemat, Tissue Box, and Cutting Board.

“We have many products, but for the samples we bring and promote there are 4 products,” said Nesya.

Nesya, who is also the Deputy Chair for SMEs and Cooperatives at the Bojonegoro Chamber of Commerce and Industry, added that on the opportunity to promote her products, she attended directly from ITPC Sydney Australia and its buyer, Directorate General for National Export Development (DJPEN), and was attended online by around 40 participants via zoom.

“In this event there were around 50 companies that registered, finally 8 companies were chosen to present their products. Thank God I was among those who had the opportunity to offer home decor products to Australian buyers,” he said.

Nesya continued, this event does not directly sell products to buyers, but this opportunity is a space for MSMEs to improve their quality, because exporting is not possible in a short time, but requires preparation. In addition, on average, companies that have been verified can export.

“Our scale is still MSMEs, at least we have paid in installments for branding and are known by buyers in Australia, thankfully there will be further communication and lead to orders,” he concluded.

Reporter : Parto Sasmito

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