Nesya Anggi Puspita Receives Award

Wins First Place for Outstanding UKM, FKM Alumnus Receives Award from East Java Governor

Universitas Airlangga (Unair) again received good news. The reason is, one of the alumni of the Faculty of Public Health (FKM) managed to make a proud achievement. She is Nesya Anggi Puspita, an alumnus of FKM class 2008, who won first place in the Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) competition with Millennial Preneurship 2020 Achievements in the handicraft category.

The competition is an activity organized by the Department of Cooperatives and SMEs in East Java. “Actually, from Bojonegoro there were seven business representatives who took part in the competition, but only me made it to the final stage. Thank God, in the handicraft category I won,” said Anggi, his nickname.

Thanks to his achievements, Anggi had the opportunity to receive an award directly from the Governor of East Java on Monday (12/10/20). That day also coincided with the 75th Anniversary of East Java.

“I feel grateful and happy when I managed to get the award,” She said.

Furthermore, Anggi explained, his journey in building a business is not an easy one. Anggi had tried various businesses such as selling hijabs, becoming a reseller of beauty products and selling Eid parcels, but all of these businesses failed to thrive.

From that experience, continued Anggi, he tried to evaluate and find the cause of his business failure. Until 2015, a teak wood craft business was created which continues to grow until now. The business he named Grandis Home.

“In addition to selling teak wood handicraft products, I am also developing natural fiber products such as mirrors, wall decor, basketball, and others,” he added.

Children and employees are the biggest motivation for Anggi to continue running his business. He revealed that by managing a business from home, he can spend time with his children as well as teach them to do business from a young age. In addition, the existence of employees who depend on him encourages Anggi to get back up when he is in a slump.

Currently, Anggi has succeeded in exporting its products to two countries, namely South Korea and the Netherlands. In the future, Anggi aspires to be able to regularly export his products to more countries by raising local raw materials and cooperating with the surrounding community. Not only that, he also wants to be able to join international exhibitions soon. [*]



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